About Connecting Derwent Valley

derwent valley collage

We are an e-network of service providers and support groups operating with and for the people of the Derwent Valley in Southern Tasmania

Keeping you informed

Connecting Derwent Valley has been developed by the New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch. We publish information about New Norfolk and the wider Derwent Valley in order to:

  • Identify, understand and address issues that affect local community health and safety.
  • Assist the community in learning practical ways to improve personal and home security.
  • Improve community knowledge regarding crime prevention, detection and reporting.
  • Promote community wellbeing, increased feelings of safety and
  • Improve community harmony by increasing communication and collaboration.

Acknowledging our place in history

We believe that it’s essential to improve recognition of the traditional owners along with our rich colonial past. To achieve this we publish historical and landmark information on an interactive timeline which outlines events over time. We welcome comments and suggestions to add more content that will enhance the history timeline.

Thank you to our major supporters