MovEat – local food walk

MovEat New Norfolk, is what happens when a local who loves her town teams up with a Swedish foodie and entrepreneur with a great idea.

MovEat is a self guided food walk that connects people to local tastes. It is happening Saturday February 23 and is an opportunity for locals to rediscover wonderful eats in their own town and for visitors to see and taste the best of what our independent food and cafe scene have to offer.

Lisa West who owns a local bed and breakfast, Stanton Farmhouse, met and became firm friends with Charlotta Ranert in 2018 when she stayed at Lisa’s B&B on her first trip to Tasmania. Charlotta had run her successful MovEat food walk concept in Sweden for some time and could see the possibilities for Tasmania.

For the past two years more than 10,000 foodies have been joining MovEats all around Sweden. More than 250 restaurants, cafes and delis have opened their doors and joined the event treating the MovEaters to a taste of their region.

Charlotta started the business out of a desire to get people moving and to discover a taste of a region, city or area while doing so.

‘Lotta and I kept in close touch when she returned to Sweden and when she suggested I put together a MovEat in New Norfolk I thought, how perfect!’ said Lisa.

‘New Norfolk is a beautiful place to live and the valley has so much tourism potential, especially now with the growing independent food and drink scene. I wanted to showcase what we have and make it easy for people to sample each place as well as get to know the people who own them. That’s what makes it special for visitors, when they are greeted by the owner, who most often serves them, makes the food and delivers a personal experience with sense of passion for what they do,’ she said.

MovEat offers 8 to 10 food and drink stops all in easy walking distance. The MovEaters will pick up a wristband, a map and a menu and they are off to sample the tastes of the town at their own speed. At each place the MovEaters can expect to receive a friendly welcome and a food sample (50g) which is special to that establishment. Most often it is made using local Derwent Valley ingredients.

Stay a while in each cafe and order a drink to enjoy with your food and rest your feet before setting off to your next stop.

Don't miss out!

Tickets are now selling at EventBrite
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