New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch launch

Spring Launch.

Organisers have announced that a New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch group will launch this Spring. They will host an information stall at the New Norfolk Street Markets on 27 October, 3 November and 10 November which will be a great chance for locals to make contact and even register as a volunteer member to support the local group.

Neighbourhood Watch is a proven Police and community partnership introduced to help control the crime rate, especially burglary and theft. The working team have been gearing up for the local launch for several months and are now ready to ramp up interest and involvement from the community.

The group has established a New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch webpage to provide safety tips, family violence information, crime reports and information on how to get involved. There’s also an active Facebook page that posts regular up-to-date news and information.

Neighbourhood Watch mission.

The aims of the group are to empower the community of New Norfolk to:

– identify and address issues that affect our community safety.

– learn more about improving personal and home security.

– have increased knowledge about crime prevention, detection and reporting.

– promote community well-being and increased feelings of safety.

– improve community harmony by increasing communication and collaboration.

Neighbourhood Watch encourages people to be vigilant and take action to report something out of the ordinary when they see it. Police do a great job but they can’t be everywhere and see everything so they rely on the community for information.


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