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Ricky Jackson

Ricky Jackson is a familiar figure in New Norfolk, a local personality who loves to help out in the community and who proudly states that he has “lived in the same house my whole life”.

Volunteering began for Ricky at thirteen years of age when his Dad was President of the Lachlan Football Club and his Mum was Treasurer. Ricky helped out with whatever needed doing including umpiring. Before he was twenty-four years of age, Ricky umpired an impressive 150 reserve grade games.

When the Lachlan Football Club closed, Ricky’s love of football motivated him to join the New Norfolk Football Club. For the next twenty years he could be seen volunteering at the Boyer Oval entry gates for Eagles and Colts home games.

Ricky‘s generous volunteering led him to be an honorary member of the Lions Club for two years before he joined. “Whenever Greg Hudson asked me to help with anything, I was glad to do it. I helped out with raffles and selling Christmas cakes.”

Since he joined, eight years ago, Ricky has taken over the responsibility for organising raffles and he also helps fundraising at sausage sizzles and the entry gates at Baskerville. This year, he is 3rd vice-president of the New Norfolk Lions Club.

Ricky is most proud of the work that the Lions Club does to help disadvantaged children particularly, “when we used to operate the Lions train ride. The kids used to love it, especially the kids in wheelchairs. We could take 3 or 4 wheelchairs at a time, as well as filling the seats with excited kids who jumped on. It made the kids smile and their parents happy. We used to take it to all the shows – local and further away like Orford and Glenorchy.”

Ricky is often seen these days volunteering at the New Norfolk Hotel where for fourteen years he has helped out with whatever needs doing such as going to the bank, distributing advertising leaflets or counting the till at the end of the day. For Ricky, volunteering is a way of life, “It gets me out of the house and talking to people. I’ve made friends. It’s the friendship and fellowship that I enjoy most in the Lions Club”

New Norfolk Lions Club

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