Connecting Derwent Valley

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Connecting Derwent Valley

people places communities

Your connection to a safer community

State Emergency Services (SES)

We provide a 24/7 response service to communities in the Derwent Valley – which is only possible through the help of our volunteers.

Derwent Valley SES responds to many types of emergencies and provides assistance during severe storms and floods, in road crash rescue, search and rescue, and a range of other general rescue activities. We also support other emergency service organisations, as required.

In addition to operational activities, the SES is responsible for planning, emergency risk management and supporting recovery. We support communities in the Derwent Valley to better understand emergency events by:

  • helping them prepare for future emergencies.
  • helping them to understand their role.
  • increasing awareness of the role of SES and others.

New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch

This could include incidents, events, people or circumstances that seem unusual or out of place . . . such as:

  • Someone carrying property e.g. electronic equipment, office equipment, a locked bike, at an unusual time or location
  • Someone going door to door without appropriate identification
  • A vehicle cruising the street repeatedly
  • Someone forcing their way into a locked vehicle
  • Different people buying something from a vehicle
  • Lots of traffic going to and from a house every day
  • One or more people sitting in a car checking out the street
  • Someone being forced into a vehicle
  • Someone showing unusual mental or physical symptoms. They might have been in an accident or need other medical or physical help
  • Unusual noises like alarms, gunshots, yelling, fighting sounds, dogs barking non-stop

What should you do?

  • Stay calm and breathe
  • Think about the date, time and where the incident is happening
  • Call the Police on 000 in an emergency, or 131 444
  • Answer the questions that you are asked (you can be anonymous, you don’t have to give them your name)
  • Tell them what is happening
  • Stay on the phone
  • If it’s safe, keep watching and report what is happening
  • Take photos with your phone only if it is safe
  • Do not approach the person directly
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