[Election] Voting in Lyons 3 March

New Norfolk residents are reminded that the State Election will be held on Saturday 3 March 2018. The Tasmanian Electoral Commission confirmed the name of the candidates a few weeks ago, but here is a reminder in the last days leading up to polling day.

The candidates for the Lyons electorate for the 2018 House of Assembly elections are :

Michael Kent, mayor, of Orford.
Chris Reynolds, sole trader transport services, of Lindisfarne.
Bob Vervaart, disability support pensioner, Primrose Sands.

Guy Barnett, Member of Parliament, of Newstead.
Rene Hidding, Member of Parliament, of Youngtown.
Jane Howlett, self-employed, of Battery Point.
Mark Shelton, Member of Parliament, of Bracknell.
John Tucker, farmer, of St Helens.

Jen Butler, political adviser, of Perth.
Darren Clark, electorate officer, of Bagdad.
Gerard Gaffney, seafarer, of Railton.
Janet Lambert, electorate officer, of Devon Hills.
Rebecca White, Member of Parliament, of Orielton.
Kylie Wright, employment consultant/small business owner, of St Helens.

Fraser Brindley, policy advisor, of Evandale.
Helen Hutchinson, health sociologist, of Western Creek.
Lucy Landon-Lane, artist, of Bicheno.
Glenn Millar, volunteer, mechanic, gardener, tourism, of Forcett.
Gary Whisson, environmental consultant, of Orford.

Matthew Allen, builder, of Perth.
Shane Broadby, shift process plant operator, of Bellerive.
Carlo Di Falco, council employee, of Forcett.
Andrew Harvey, retired, of Loira.
Wayne Turale, retired, of Bronte Park.

Tennille Murtagh, community representative, of Bridgewater.
Kim Peart, visual artist, of Ross.

Note: The order of the list is as per the announcement from the Tasmanian Electoral Commission.


Polling places in New Norfolk and surrounds:

  • Fairview Primary School, New Norfolk, 211 Back River Rd
  • New Norfolk Primary School, 8 Pioneer Ave
  • Magra CWA Building, Back River Rd
  • Lachlan Community Hall, 511 Lachlan Rd

For the full list of polling places in Lyons visit the TEC website.

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