Literacy, Education and Employment

Family Support

Living free from violence is everyone’s right.

Taking action to prevent it is everyone’s responsibility.

The Safe Choices Programme has its focus on the improved safety of women, children and other Tasmanian community members, through the raising of awareness around the issue of Family Violence.

The Safe Choices Programme provides:

  • Safe Choices website for information on support services: 
  • Email support available to all members of the community.
  • Phone support via: 1800 806 189.
  • Information packs.
  • 1:1 support from a case-worker for those experiencing multiple needs.


Mental Health Support

Youth Support

Being a young person in the world today is full of challenges.

Good news! – help is available to assist when we need it.

We all have bad days sometimes for whatever reason but we don’t need to work things out on our own.

The Kids Helpline programme also assists Teens and Young Adults by providing information and support for:

  • Dealing with loneliness.
  • Family relations and respect in relationships.
  • Gender identity, bullying, cyber-bullying and sexting.
  • Risk-taking and coping with emotions.
  • All about depression and thoughts of suicide.
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