Western Wilds coming our way.

The Western Wilds Project is a major initiative of Tasmanian State and Local Government. Tourism Industry Council Tasmania (TICT) has coordinated the project with Destination Southern Tasmania and the Cradle Coast Authority.  These two Regional Tourism Organisations cover this part of the state. Along with the Tasmanian Government, through Tourism Tasmania and the Department of State Growth.


The new Western Wilds is a journey of discovery through powerful wilderness stories of western Tasmania. The Western Wilds will compel travellers to explore western Tasmania at a slower pace to experience all it has to offer.


The following core strategies shape the Western Wilds. -Position the Western Wilds as Tasmania’s ultimate wilderness journey and story. -Add depth to the journey experience by engaging travellers in the rich wilderness story of western Tasmania through Story Stops. -Engage and convert travellers during holiday planning through an online holiday planning portal managed by Tourism Tasmania. -Partner with Tourism Tasmania, Cradle Coast Authority and Destination Southern Tasmania to market the Western Wilds to intrastate, interstate and international markets.

A Wilderness Story.

The Western Wilds will be famous for the Tasmanian wilderness story. This story is not just about physical wilderness and nature, but about people’s relationship with that environment. Wilderness stories around the climate, conservation, industry, fauna and flora will inspire travellers as they experience their own revelations about their relationship with wilderness. With 91% of journey travellers to Tasmania selecting all or most regions before arrival, we must provide the tools and information to design a personalised Western Wilds experience. The journey is not defined by a single road but shapes a ‘one of a kind’ wilderness journey based on traveller circumstances and interests and designed by the traveller as opposed to a prescriptive touring route. A new journey planning portal will be created by Tourism Tasmania to deliver these personalised journeys.

Story Stops.

Story Stops are select sites along the journey that engage travellers in the wilderness story. The Story Stops will create greater value in the drive experience – connecting travellers with the real wilderness story of western Tasmania, sparking an increased connection with place and social sharing on a journey. Appropriate site responses may include repurposing existing structures to reveal stories about that location’s history and meaning; highlighting powerful human stories of the people and cultures connected with a place; landscape art and interpretation; stories of Aboriginal spirit animals, prehistoric fauna and extinction; or sound and light installations. Story Stop sites will be in partnership with Local Government, Parks and Wildlife, industry and community.


Journey marketing will be driven by the state’s key marketing bodies –Tourism Tasmania, Destination Southern Tasmania and Cradle Coast Authority – in partnership with councils, Local Tourism Associations and industry. The Western Wilds will be infused into existing programs and assets to ensure its continued focus in the marketplace.

Getting Involved.

The success of the Western Wilds can be elevated by the level local industry and community engagement in its activation. We encourage you to share your own Stories and proudly show the Story symbol. Your particular Story may be related to people or places that are specific to your location, you may even be the star. Add a Story to your restaurant menu, room compendiums, through your tour commentary and interpretation materials. Maybe you’re an artist and can express your wilderness story for all to stop and experience. You can also share the journey experience in your marketing copy, through your choice of photography, by showing the Western Wilds logo on your marketing assets and by referring to the journey experience in your communications and social media.

Where to stay in New Norfolk.

There is a wide range of accommodation options in town from budget overnight stays, quirky motels through to luxury rooms overlooking the River Derwent. Visit our Explore Accommodation page to see what’s on offer in town. More accommodation options, plus things to Taste and Explore in the wider Derwent Valley can be found on the Derwent Valley Tasmania website.    
Credit: information about the Western Wilds project has been sourced from Destination Southern Tasmania.
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